Membership Requirements

Joining a new organization can be overwhelming. We want you to feel comfortable with your commitment and make the most out to this wonderful experience.


The commitment is long-term for Ticktockers (daughters)/Patronesses with daugthers entering 7th grade through 12th grade. There are yearly financial commitments and some additional expenses along the way. There is a time commitment for both Patronesses and Ticktockers from monthly meetings to philanthropy hours. Through all of the commitments there is mother-daughter bonding, community service and leadership growth and all of these things are priceless and last a lifetime.




Our Chapter has a one-time entrance fee and annual dues. In addition, we have an annual Junior Style Show (payment included in activity fee, attendance optional but encouraged), Spring Tea and Awards (payment included in activity fee, attendance required), and Senior Recognition (payment included in activity fee, attendance optional but encouraged).  Additionally, each Ticktocker grade level will attend a yearly cultural activity such as the ballet, a musical, a play, the symphony, or a museum.  The cost will vary and will be communicated to Patronesses.



  • Ticktockers typically meet the 2nd Sunday of the month with a start time no earlier than 2 p.m.  On average, meetings last 90 minutes to two hours.

Ticktockers are required to attend a total of six (6) meetings per service year.


  • Patronesses meet the 2nd Monday of the month with a soft start at 6:30 p.m. and the gavel falling at 7:00 p.m. Meetings last approximately 60 minutes unless a guest speaker is featured. We strive for quick, educational meetings and attempt to be good stewards of our members’ time.

 Patronesses are required to attend a total of five (5) meetings per service year.


  • Philanthropy hours are required for all members.  Patronesses have the same philanthropy hour requirements as their youngest daughters but not to exceed 15 hours a year (unless by choice).

7 – 11th grades are required to serve 15 philanthropy hours while 12th grade is required to serve 10 philanthropy hours per service year.


  • League hours are required and mirror philanthropy hours.  Members may acquire league hours through placement either in a leadership position (Chapter Board, Ticktocker Class Board, Grade Level Advisor, or Philanthropy Liaison) or on a committee.  Members are expected to attend committee meetings and execute and complete committee tasks to the fullest.  (Be advised that our members log many more league hours than the minimum required!)

7 – 11th grades are required to contribute a minimum of 15 league hours while 12th grade is required to contribute a minimum of 10 league hours per service year.


  • We have three chapter events per year – Junior Style Show, Spring Tea and Awards, and Senior Recognition. All of these events are great cultural experiences and eagerly anticipated by all of our members.

Spring Tea and Awards is an attendance required chapter event.  If a member is unable to attend, she will be assigned make up hours.


We hope you find this information helpful when considering membership with the  NCL, Inc, Texas Lantana Chapter.